Friday, 22 May 2020

My Bode Thomas experience, a lesson on Trust.

Shortly after I finished University, while awaiting my NYSC, I got bored at home and decided to search for a Job, I made a call to someone who had come to give us a talk at our Final year talk in the University, he referred me to someone at Bode Thomas, Surulere.
On leaving the house, I had left with just N500, I live in a part of Lagos which is actually far from the Town, while going, I kept asking myself how I would get back from the venue, as the N500 would only take me to the Venue, still I went, trusting that my needs would be met.
I got to the venue on time, (wait, why would I not even get there on time, was it not interview I came for, lol)
while I was seated, I admired all of the chandeliers, the bright light, decoration, …. oh less I forget, it was an event management company, they had amazing stuffs there, the office was small but then, it was properly managed and beautifully decorated, the ambiance would make you forget you were in Surulere, I was thinking of how the interview would go, when I was interrupted by the arrival of the HR(Human resource) personnel,  I greeted her, to which she responded and stepped into her office.
Some minutes later, I was called in, the interview went well as she made me so comfortable, within minutes the interview was over.
As I stepped out of the office, reality stuck on me, different thought of what could possibly happen, sprang through my mind, tears had started to well up in my eyes, …….”Ore!!!....” my emotions were disturbed by a feminine voice, it was the HR lady, who had interviewed me.
So during the interview, it happened that it became so interactive, that the lady had told me about her career journey, I was excited when she told me she was getting married soon, well, the interview was over and she called m, why could she possibly be calling me, was it to invite me for her wedding, or did I forget something?
“Hi Ore,” she said, “I don’t know, but I feel you would need this,’ she squeezed a new mint N500 note in my hand,  I had thanked her severally, if I can picture my face, I would say it was like that of a chubby  I0 year old who was almost crying….I know right.
As I stepped out that day on Bode Thomas, my eyes were filled with laughter, I was shocked, like you mean, you made me find favor with an HR person who I had never met, then you prompted her to give me Transport fare, how did this happen ? I mean what just happened, I stepped out on the street  almost screaming  “Thank you father!” you are just so mindful of me, There is no mountain you cant climb to meet me at the point of my need.
Trust in God, then rest, then Trust again, then rest and trust again, God will definitely come through for you. He’s got you back.  One thing God requires from us is to trust him in the process, you might not understand how things would span out, just like me, who took a step while trusting him, I  did not know how i was going to get home but i choose to trust him.
Hold on, he will come through for you! 

Thursday, 23 January 2020

You can make it work.

I used to be in a relationship, before I got into the University, those days of midnight call in Nigeria, once it was 12:30am my alarm rang, then it would be followed by the call of my then Prince Charming *winks* we would stay up all night and talk, till the tarrif was over. Looking back I realize that we actually made so much effort to make the ship sail. 

Have you ever heard this saying  “it takes two to tango” ?  There is a level of sacrifice and deliberate attempt that each individual puts to make the relationship work, once one party stops being deliberate about their actions, the relationship suffers.

It's amazing to note that when God created us, all he wanted was fellowship, he could have lived here all by himself, but I discovered that God wanted and craved for a relationship with us, in the book of Genesis 3:7-9, God always came in the cool of the day to talk with Adam and Eve, they had gotten so used to his fellowship that they recognized his sound when he came.

I have discovered that for my generation and generations to come, there will always be things that will pull you down, there would always be distractions, distractions that would stop you from having fellowship with him, from having time to talk with him before leaving in the morning, these things would always be there, but then we need to make it work, you need to make up your mind, that these things won’t have a hold on you. 

So if I make the first attempt and I fall, I pick myself back up, if I fall again, I pick my self, I tell my self, don’t worry this would work! I repeat the process all over, till I get my result.

Heather Lindsey made a statement, she said: “I hour with God can save you from a year of misery”

So the first time you got talking with a friend, I am sure you did not know all you needed to in the first conversation, the more you kept conversing, the more you knew them. The more time you spend with God, the more you you want to know him. 

In summary, all I am saying is if you love God, you would create time for him, irrespective of how tight your schedule is. We are the ones that would gain or loose.

If you really want your relationship with God to work, then you have to create time, you have to give it what it takes.

Now the question is what does it take. David said in psalm 84:10  better is one day at your court than a thousand else where: I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than dwell in the tents of the wicked.

You can make it work!

Friday, 13 December 2019


There is an adage in the Yoruba culture of West Africa, Nigeria, that says, if you can think, you would know how to thank God, I had  thought I would not have reasons to be thankful this year, but there is really a lot to be thankful for.

So here goes a list of things I am thankful for.

Gratitude 1
You know, when you walk into a service, and the man of God just says something pertaining what you are going through? That's what I am talking about, I am grateful because God always meets me at the point of my need, nothing is as reassuring as knowing God is with you. Nothing beats that!

Gratitude 2
I am grateful for  the gift of laughter, imagine going through all life's journey and there is no opportunity to laugh. I am thankful for a good sense of humor God has given me, People who know me know my laughter can be extreme, I laugh and cry at the same time, I am so grateful for laughter.

Gratitude 3
I am grateful for Nature! The joy I feel when I walk barefooted on a sandy beach, the water that gushes at a spring, the way the water waves rush and stop at the boundary. The clear Sky, the breeze that blows on our skin when you are in a speed boat! I am so grateful.

Meet nike, Odafe and Rufus!

Gratitude 4
I know a lot of people have been waiting for this! 😁
I will tell a short story, when I started my weight loss in March, I was so eager, I would ask my colleagues and friends, do you know "do you know I am loosing weight? " they would all laugh and say "Ore Ore, you are really loosing weight" lepacious Ore " It took time, I almost gave gave up, but there was  one thing, I noticed a change in my body but they did not, it took a long (emphasis on long) time before they noticed. People might not see what is going on with you, but you do, keep at it. Funke! 


I am grateful for the zeal God has put in us, a friend of mine always says you can achieve what ever you put your mind to do, as long as you are determined. I am grateful for a number of people I am getting to inspire on a daily basis, not just for weight loss, but been healthy and keeping fit, I am grateful for workout! Gosh!  love working out! I am grateful for  so many health benefits that come from working out, it makes me understand process.

Gratitude 5

Remember when you wanted something so bad and your mum or dad stopped you from having them, you did not like the idea only to discover that they had good intentions for you, I am grateful that I do not understand or know why certain things are the way they are but I know everything is for our interest at the long run.

Gratitude 5

I am grateful for People, God sometimes puts himself in people, there are people you meet and they are God sent, these guys are heaven sent. I am grateful for the People that I met this year, the people that our paths crossed.

Meet Taiwo, Pauline, Eniola, Stella, Audrey, Bisi and Stephen Akintayo

Gratitude 6
I am grateful for the new hobby i discovered, to the smiles I put on People's faces, the Joy I have when i want to plan a surprise for someone. The aftermath these people have. Its a Joy to know you have the ability to put a smile on someone's face.

Its my birthday and I am grateful!  what are you grateful for ?

Friday, 16 November 2018

Hearing God Speak.

My mum once had a shop where she sold edibles and the likes, she had given me  some snacks to drop at the shop,  on my way there, I had the thought of taking one of the sachet, I remember hearing "take it!" "don't take it!"  I guess it must have been the Sunday school lessons I heard as a child, we were told that we would hear Satan's voice and Gods voice. Lol  this is not to dispute their teachings but whether or not it was my imagination or the real voice, as a 7 year old it saved me from beating that Night....😂 My mum had counted it when she got back, she said she was testing me....Who tests a 7 year old foodie. Muuuummmmy! Lol.

I remember getting all worked up in college, I sensed God was talking to me but I could not place it.

 I had attended a retreat in School, it was organised by Peace house, a religious organization located in southwest Nigeria,  I remember asking one of the organizers of the retreat during the break out  session,... "how do I know God is talking to me......"  I went ahead to explain different scenarios i had encountered, he gave me an answer that has helped me all through life.

Gods Word: "the first way God wants to speak to you is through his word" that was the response I got from him,
 You can't know a person if you don't talk to him or her, you just keep judging based on what you hear....Imagine I keep talking to you and I don't wait for your response, I just keep going on and on without listening to your response.

That's exactly how it is. God wants to talk to us but the first way is through his word.

And his word became flesh and dwelt among us.....John 1:14

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a like light unto my path Psalm 119:10

For the word of God is living and active  sharper than any two edged sword ,piercing  until it divides soul from spirit, joints from marrow, it is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart. Heb 4:12

As time goes on, after getting accustomed to his voice through the word you will be able to know how God speaks to you, it could be through your thoughts, clear audible voice, dreams etc....however take it one step at a time. Start by studying Gods word.

Thanks for stopping by, this seems to be my longest post so far.  xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Serena Williams, "I don't cheat to win,I'd rather loose"

I had never really been a tennis Fan not until two years ago, I had the opportunity to play table tennis on a hangout with some friends, it was fun I must say,  I remember my elder brother would always pay N5 (1 cents)to play table tennis some 20 years ago, I would sit and wait for him while he played,  he would beg me not to tell Mummy, "Ore, dont tell mummy, you hear? " last child like me, if I hear, anytime he offended I would use that as a threat. 😁

Serena Williams is a lady i admire, her zeal and focus is what one can't help but admire. The achievement of Tennis can't be told without her. Social media went viral with a statement she made to the Umbra at her last match this was as a result of speculations that her Coach was passing codes to her during the match. In her words,

"I don't cheat to win,I'd rather loose"

 Okay.....let's move to the latest Grand slam winner Naomi Osaka!!! What amazes me about this 20 year old  is none other than she spent all her years watching Serena Williams play, its important to note that as a child She had Serena Williams drawn on paper as her Idol!

Preparation they say is the father of manifestation, I had to think of it, she must have practised and practised and practised to defeat the Queen. Serena had to confess that she (Naomi) actually played well.

There is nothing that can defeat a determined heart, it reminds me of the story of David in the bible, David never knew he was building his CV, when the time came for manifestation, the king was dumbfounded when he said "when a bear or lion comes after my Fathers sheep, I run after it and kill it with my bare hands! I am sure the king would have said this boy has killed a Lion with his bare hand, which of you has killed a Lion before! Haha!

I need not state the lessons we can learn from Naomi Osaka, a lady who had spent almost all her life preparing to win.

How does this story inspire you? Feel free to share in the comment box.

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.
Gal 6:9

Monday, 10 September 2018


I was affirmed as a child about my ability to take feed back or corrections as the case may be, I was that little girl you would scold but would still listen when you correct me.

Growing up, I was not as receptive as I used to be, call it change, growing up, maturity what ever, I have come to realize no one is above correction. It takes confidence and boldness for someone to actually tell you what you are doing is wrong.

The truth is, "the Truth is always bitter" I can attest, very bitter at that, its better to swallow, the effect wont be long.

I have seen people who have been left in their state of Ignorance because they can't take one or two corrections. That one is even worse! Everyone connected to you just "pours" it on you, like... that's how she is, you can't tell her or you can't tell him, she won't listen, he won't listen,

Nobody is perfect, we are not an Island, Even God in his Greatness used people to bring his plans into existence!

If you are in a position to correct or give a feedback to someone, please do it in Love! Not in bitterness, Superiority or Pride.


Sunday, 27 May 2018


On a lighter note, these are some  funny questions I was asked:

Them:"Is this your first time of been robbed?"
Me: ehen, it has turn to new yam festival abi..."

Them: so how did you feel ?
Me: in fact I was very happy...because it has to turn to good thing ba"

Them: So they took your money
Me: ehen, they came to play with me ni. 😂😂

but seriously, those guys are not smiling again o. They had a POS machine with them, so all those people who were saying you should have given them a wrong pin my advice is don't even try it because the beating that will follow ehn....chai!

Let me not bore you with the long gist, I would love to share a few lessons I learnt from the experience:

1. When you get into a public transport, the first thing you should take should not be your phone. As soon as I entered the Bus, the first thing I took was my phone, I was thinking to myself what if those guys wanted to kidnap me, that is how I would have been carried away with my phone. In fact when they striked I was still with  my phone.......lesson for someone.

2 It's never too late to talk to God!. He is a good father, so when it dawned on me that I had entered one chance.. I started speaking in tongues, at a stage my bible helped me as one of the guys held on to could see the unwillingness in him.

3. Never be in a hurry, I was in so much hurry that I did not carefully look into the bus to notice the faces in there.

4. Always trust your instinct... after sometime I realised the guy beside me was telling the driver to be going when he got to a bus stop, I looked at him like: excuse me are you the owner of the bus...when he noticed I looked at him he looked outside the window. Well for me, I still went on replying my messages on WhatsApp.

I was favored enough though, the guys told me to stop crying that they would park properly so I would get down, they arranged my bag and gave N1000 equivalent to $3.25 as my transport fare. 😂 funny guys yeah.

In all if you have ever been in this shoes, and you are still mad at God, (to think that i even prayed before leaving my house, "God but you should have told me with your phone in your hand ?... How na?) you should have a rethink, I am most grateful those guys did not throw me out of a moving vehicle, my mum knows  someone who lost his life from there.

I am grateful I was not beaten.
I am grateful I was not raped.

Do you have lessons you feel others can learn from..? Feel free to share in the comment box.

 Thanks for stopping by! 💙